06:00 Sunday Morning

6 o'clock clock


Sunday: one of the few days I can sleep in.

So, why am I awake at 06:00?

1. Smokey won’t leave me alone until he’s fed.

It’s not like I can shut the door and drown his mewing out.

I’m sleeping in the living room because

2. I’m sick, and

Krystal has Candlelight performances until the 19th.

She cannot afford to get sick; those performances are her hours for the week.

3. The medication I’m on has worn off.

It’s not that I feel bad, but it helps me sleep.

Funny, the “daytime” medication makes me tired while the “nighttime” medication acts as a stimulant.

Go figure.

So, I’m awake.

Watching “Ancient Aliens” while I grade papers I should have graded yesterday.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

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