If Gilligan’s Island were a Basketball Game

Have I told you I’m coaching JV boys basketball this year?

It’s fun, they’re learning the game, and they’re improving; now, if we could just win a game.CRS metal basketball whistle

Friday we played an away game two hours away.

We lost by 12 – not bad, but we defeated ourselves by not rebounding in the first half.

Anyway, the real excitement started with 47 seconds left in the third quarter of the varsity girls’ game. I began texting Krystal:

[18:05] Oh my goodness there was a loud boom and now all the lights are off

[18:09] lol

[18:11] K they’re coming back on

[18:19] And they’re out again

[18:21] It’s a sign

[18:21] Our girls were only down by 2, too

[18:27] Some are saying the whole street is out but buildings across the way are lit up

[18:34] They’re working on it but it might be thirty minutes to an hour

[18:34] Lovely

[18:43] Three transformers are out on the circuit this building is on

[18:49] Kk

[18:50] These kids have no idea what to do in a blackout with no cell reception

[18:50] Bwahaha

[19:00] A guy just came out with a megaphone and the varsity coaches are talking

[19:01] Interesting

[19:03] Sehr

[19:05] So now they’ve said we’ll wait another hour an if the lights come on we’ll play and if not we’ll leave

[19:05] lol

[19:09] The rules of their insurance say everyone should be inside and seated, and the kids are already antsy. Going to be a long hour. Me, I brought a book and am reading under an emergency light.

[19:21] And with a boom the lights are back on

[19:29] kk

Nor was this the end of the excitement. The girls’ game went into double overtime (thanks to referees who wouldn’t know a fair game if they were forced to watch one over and over and over again like that kid in A Clockwork Orange. More on that Monday.

The girls ended up winning by 1 point and the boys game began. Rather, it tried to begin.

Another text:

[20:35] Now we’ve got an ambulance here. Apparently someone’s in diabetic shock or something. Blood sugar is 34.

She was fine, but between the power outages and the paramedics, we added close to three hours to our trip. All the restaurants we’d hoped to eat at after the game were closed, and we were forced to get McDonald’s to go. Even then, people at the front of the line had plenty of time to eat inside while everyone else ordered.  We finally pulled in the school lot at 00:30 Saturday morning.

Oh, the boys won their game by one point too (in regular time), and the refs called their game even worse than the girls game. More on that Monday, too.

After last night, I’m convinced that the phrase

May you live in interesting times

is the worst curse one could ever bestow on another human being, ever.


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