A Practical Time Machine

Time travel has fascinated us for decades, whether it’s via TARDIS, DeLorean, sleigh, or actual phone booth.

David Tennant Tardis

As you might know, Krystal (my wife) works as an Historic Interpreter at Tryon Palace, so she gets to time-travel almost every day.

Well, 29 hours a week, or so.

State rules. sigh

She’s decided to write about the things she does and learns on her very own blog!

So, assuming you want to travel to 18th Century Colonial North Carolina, click on over and allow the Time Vortex of the Internet to swing you ’round in its wibbly-wobbly, wimey-wimey way.

Don’t worry, unlike the Hotel California, you can go leave any time you want.

 Tryon Palace exterior 28 July 2015

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