Sunday Snapshots: Snow Day

“Brace yourself,” they said, “winter is coming”.

Here in Eastern North Carolina that’s no small threat.

People just don’t know how to handle snow. Mostly, they act like it’s a hurricane. Folks, rain and snow may be the same element, but that’s like comparing coal to a diamond. You don’t give coal rings to your beloved; similarly, you don’t treat snow like rain. Except when you do, which is why I’ve had the terror-inducing pleasure of seeing cars take corners sideways, end up on the curb, gun it to make it off the curb, and nearly take out the line of cars waiting at the light. Seriously, if you don’t know how to drive, stay home.

How did that happen? This isn’t about drivers.

On Monday, the weathermen started predicting a storm; by Thursday, the governor declared a state of emergency for the entire state. Preemptive strike, or something like that.

Accordingly, schools began to issue delays for Friday.

Shoppers raced to the grocer for milk and bread, presumably to make milk sandwiches. Honestly, I don’t know why they buy milk. If the power goes out, that milk will spoil.

I stopped for bread because I actually needed it. When I did, I noticed that in my particular grocer, the bread and milk were well stocked; however, the beer was rather thin [insert comment about American beer here. Also note that I do not drink]. Stay classy, Coastal Carolina.

Thursday night, schools began closing before one drop of precipitation fell to earth. Usually they wait until 4:00 or so, but not this time. Goaded into fear, they cancelled school even though the public schools only had classes one day that week.

Monday: Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday: Teacher Work Day

Wednesday: Teacher Work Day

Thursday: Normal Classes

Friday: Cancelled Due To Weather

So, what did this day off look like? Just how bad were the roads? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a picture taken from my front porch:

Snow Day Jan 22 2016

Wintry, isn’t it?

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