I don’t know how many people still buy a paper newspaper. Only one of my students uses one for current events; the rest use digital resources. Me, I still like the papers; I find it hard to do the Sudoku and the crossword on digital screens. I know there are people who do, but I’m not one of them.

I was thinking about newspapers today and wondered how many people look to see what’s on the front page. Do they look first, or do they head for their favorite section – the comics, the sports, the obituaries – first? What’s the point of writing a good headline if nobody reads it?

Come to think of it, this may explain why the editing of our local paper has gone downhill. Perhaps if more people complained they’d start fixing glaring errors. Then again, I’m assuming the average reader would know a grammatical error when they read one.

And as I thought on newspapers I thought about blogging. We spend a fair amount of time tweaking our online presence. We choose a layout, design menus, tweak widgets, write pages – but what if nobody reads them?

I know I’m guilty of only looking through the WordPress Reader. I can’t remember the last time I checked out a blog’s home page – or any page other than the “About” page, for that matter. I’m resolving to change that deficiency. I’m going to start looking at the homepages and exploring the sites others have put their hard work into creating.

After all, I expect them to do the same for me.