Three Limericks, Animal Style

Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me! has the Listener Limerick Challenge. This is like that, except totally different.

Make Way for Hedgehogs!

The hedgehogs’ nightly excursions

were subject to several aversions

 – trash and low walls

just might kill them all –

so to save them, we’ll build a diversion!

[inspired by this story]

The Deer Aren’t All Right

While shifting my car into gear

I noticed a sign; it was queer.

No Passing, No Texting,

Beware of Blasting,

And Look Out for Suicidal Deer!

[inspired by this story]

Dog Days Are Over

A dog wanted to go for a run,

and it saw some folks having fun,

so it tagged along

(though it didn’t belong),

placing seventh in the half-marathon!

[inspired by this story]




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