Three Limericks, Animal Style

Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me! has the Listener Limerick Challenge. This is like that, except totally different.

Make Way for Hedgehogs!

The hedgehogs’ nightly excursions

were subject to several aversions

 Рtrash and low walls

just might kill them all –

so to save them, we’ll build a diversion!

[inspired by this story]

The Deer Aren’t All Right

While shifting my car into gear

I noticed a sign; it was queer.

No Passing, No Texting,

Beware of Blasting,

And Look Out for Suicidal Deer!

[inspired by this story]

Dog Days Are Over

A dog wanted to go for a run,

and it saw some folks having fun,

so it tagged along

(though it didn’t belong),

placing seventh in the half-marathon!

[inspired by this story]




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