Dressing Myself on St. Patrick’s Day

I might be colorblind, but the calendar doesn’t know that:


Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

The day I face the conundrum of whether or not to wear green and, if I do not wear green, to wear orange instead.

I don’t particularly want to wear green as I (a) am not Irish and (b) am not Catholic.

I don’t particularly want to wear orange as (a) though I am Protestant (at heart), I am decidedly not Anglican and (b) to the Irish orange can (justifiably) be considered a symbol of a ruthless oppressor. I imagine it’s like wearing a “Simon Legree” name tag to a Juneteenth celebration.

I could be wrong. That might be a bad analogy.

I apologize if it is.

In the past I have worn one or the other or both colors; today I will wear neither.

And so help me, if anyone pinches me, I will make things really bad for you.

[I was going to make a reference to the Easter Rising, but as we’re nearing it’s 100th anniversary, I thought some dignity was in order.)


Personal freedom is a wonderful thing! It is not my intent to disparage others from wearing the color of their choice, but to explain my own reasons for my own decision

4 thoughts on “Dressing Myself on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I didn’t realize it was St. Patrick’s Day until my son emerged from his bedroom donning a bright green shirt and matching green shoes. All my green clothes must be in the laundry, so today I choose purple and grey. To each his own!

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