Mr. Tom Speaks on Tick Removal

Mr. Tom, my ninety-seven year old grandpa, was in a talkative mood today.

I am recording his words so they are not forgotten.

Today, he recalled a hunting trip.

I was thinking about a couple used to go to our church, lived down below Harker’s Island. Do you remember them? No?

Well, one day I was down on the Island hunting or some such and I came down a path to the water. Fella came up in a boat and called out to me:

“Did you come down that path?”


“I wouldn’t walk down that path for a thousand dollars.”

Why not?

“Place is full of ticks. You might wanna go and check yourself there.”

I pulled up my pants leg and you couldn’t even see skin it was so black with seed ticks. I had over a hundred of them on my back, so many I felt I was all stitched up, couldn’t even move my arms without it pinching and pulling there were so many of them.

I went to the doctor for a shot or some such and she said

“Tom, this is what you do. Go and get you some green alcohol and dissolve 24 aspirin in it. Then get Amber to spread that wherever you’ve got a tick.”

So I did just that and I tell you what, when Amber used her cotton swabs to spread the stuff out it was like those buggers all just released and killed them outright. I could breathe again.

So now if you ever get in some ticks you know just what to do.

Thomas Poole, March 31, 2016

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