This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things [Demolish Results]

Like a time capsule found in a forgotten cornerstone, our fearless Wicked Word Wednesday participants demolished this weeks’ challenge and brought beauty from rubble.

Time to announce the winners!

In Second Place: vivachange77

Once upon a time I was married to a poor law student. When I felt anger my impulse was to throw something on the ground. Our budget was tight so all I could afford to throw was a loaf of bread – and stomp on it. It worked.

In First Place: Pleasant Street

I swerve to avert unpleasantness, and
all the rain I expect will come down on my head
does not fall every day-not always-
for sometimes the day enters with a very
merciful step

When I am too much about myself
I enter the room, the house, the day
and all that was shiny and bright
seems to have fled me, and I stomp my foot
I demand like a child, and like a child

I am ashamed when I demolish my little houses
in a row- and you watch in horror as I smash
what I had built. Your eyes see mine and
I am reminded of a day when we were as one-
connected by a common thought

that we, together
would build this house


Congratulations, and don’t forget your nifty badges!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

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