Wicked Word Wednesday: Chowder

Chowder breathes reassurance. It steams consolation.

Clementine Paddleford | Charles Wysocki’s Americana Cookbook

Greetings logophiles and other creative types!

It’s time for Wicked Word Wednesday, and the Wicked Word is:

chow·der [\ˈchau̇-dər\]


a soup or stew of seafood (as clams or fish) usually made with milk or tomatoes, salt pork, onions, and other vegetables (as potatoes)

also :  a soup resembling chowder <corn chowder>


to make chowder of

What is Wicked Word Wednesday?

You have one week to compose a post based on the Wicked Word.

One entry per person.

BONUS CHALLENGE: 42 words max.

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And Thus It Begins:

The Word has been given;

The Week has begun;

The Game is afoot;

On Mark,

Get Set,


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2 thoughts on “Wicked Word Wednesday: Chowder

  1. Chowder. We don’t have that in the UK. It’s an American term. Conjures up thoughts of fish stew (yuk). Or corn chowder (yuk). You must think we eat some pretty strange stuff though. Yorkshire puddings? Toad in the hole? Shepherds Pie? Now we’re talking!
    (44 words. I’m a non-conformist)

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    1. Even here in the States chowder isn’t one thing – it varies from region to region, state to state, and even family to family.

      We have Shepherds Pie, too – I think it’s delicious. Then again, I haven’t met much food I haven’t liked (Brussels sprouts, beets, and shrimp not withstanding).

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