Monday Morning Grievances: Natural Born Killers

No, this isn’t about the movie; however, this post does contain references to animal cruelty (turtles in particular).Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

I’m not what you would call an animal rights person. I don’t think animals should be treated as people, I hunt for my meat, and there’s an eternal soft spot in my heart for turtle soup (even if I can never, ever talk about it when Krystal’s around). Now, I do love animals – I’ve always ha pets and my first job – lasting 5 years or so – was at an animal shelter.

What I do not tolerate is unnecessary cruelty to animals. I do not think that trophy hunting is a sport, and neither do I find it beneficial in any way. Hurting animals just for fun is despicable.

I saw one such instance the other day. Krystal and I were driving home down a wide, two-lane road when we saw an object fly from the car in front of us up . . . up . . . up into the air and then crash to earth in the middle of the road. As we got closer, we realized it was a turtle.

The road was wide and the turtle huge – there’s no way on God’s green earth the driver didn’t see that turtle. Which must mean, therefore, that either the driver didn’t care or deliberately tried to kill this poor creature. Either way, they’re evil incarnate (get the pun?). Seriously, the road was wide enough to swerve around him.

Krystal was in tears and I turned the car around and went back. He was on his back with cars zooming close to him. Graciously, they slowed down for my rescue attempt.

I reached the hapless turtle, expecting carnage. Amazingly, the shell seemed intact and I didn’t see any signs of blood. I picked him up very carefully and he extended his legs and waggled them while keeping his head in his shell. Can’t say that I blamed him.

I set him down far off the road, and he wasn’t there the next day, so I’m assuming the best, namely because I want to.

As for that other driver, I hope he gets a flat tire.

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  1. I hope so too. Good ending to a wonderful story. I am very fond of turtles. My son had a Georgia box turtle named Alfalfa with a gimpy hind leg. We bought him from the pet store in that condition. I always wondered if he had been hurt and rescued by some kind soul.

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