Monday Morning Grievance: Postponed Plans

Robert Burns once said, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” Hm. I knew a Robert Burns once, but not that Robert Burns, obviously. Anyway, you came to find out what’s on my mind. Well, here we go:

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It’s Monday morning and I haven’t had my coffee.

I don’t like change; this is not a surprise to anyone reading this blog.

I’m also introverted, meaning even attending social events often requires a great deal of mental preparation.

I must say I was a *tiny* bit glad when Hurricane Matthew cancelled some of those plans. Of course, when the waters refused to stop rising, threatening the homes of family and friends, stranding and isolating certain parts of our community, I stopped celebrating very quickly.

Somewhere along the line I forgot that certain events weren’t exactly cancelled – it was more of a postponed situation.

Now, I find myself preparing once more for events I’d already prepared for once, and this time with the added “benefit” of working them around the plans that I’d already made.

Then there are the plans I wish hadn’t been changed.

The weekend after Matthew was supposed to be our Cross Country team’s first 5K. It will now be after the first of the year, and I’m scrambling to find an event for November that’s (a) in our region (b) affordable and (c) not at Thanksgiving.

Then, entirely unrelated to Matthew, I was supposed to meet an online acquaintance for the first time. Before you get any ideas or concerns about me being murdered by a serial killer, this person is entirely above board with a well documented real life presence. He’s a college history professor, author of articles on religion in America, contributor to the Anxious Bench, blogger, and host of a podcast in the network I’ve co-hosted. This was planned since the summer, but life happens and it just didn’t work out. Maybe in the next few months, though.

Anyway, these are more like disappointments than actual grievances, but it still feels better to talk about them, even if you’re concerned more that your cat doesn’t steal your morning bagel than in reading the complaints of an young adult trapped in an old man’s body.

What’s annoying you today?

One thought on “Monday Morning Grievance: Postponed Plans

  1. I hope your running plans fall into place while the weather is still good. Good luck on getting together with your friend.
    I had a good weekend which still has me feeling alright except that I have been up since 3 am and I am still up.
    Happy Monday-

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