2 Truths, 1 Lie (Round 6)

“Yeah, but the lost diadem,” said Michael Corner, rolling his eyes, “is lost, Luna. That’s sort of the point.”


Once again, it’s time to see how much you think you know me.

But first, the results of the last round . . .


And the lie is . . .

I did not go on an early morning run each day of the trip; by the last morning I was wore out and only made it to the front porch, where, instead of physical exercise, I greeted the day with a large thermos of coffee.

And Now, Round 6

We all know that I have a bad habit of losing things. Which of these did I not lose or misplace for more than a day in the last month?

Now, just to be honest, I have lost/misplaced all of these in the last month . . .

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