Saturday Morning Coffee

The coffee’s fresh, and I just opened a jar of home-canned peaches. Unless, of course, you’d prefer applesauce? I can never remember. But that’s doesn’t matter, because I’m so glad you decided to drop by. I know it’s been hit or miss the last few weeks.

This week has been a good week.

I feel better (mostly) than I have since March 11. The flu kept being passed around and around and around, and somewhere in that cycle I ended up with a sinus infection, to boot. At least I didn’t get strep; I know of several people who’ve had it multiple times in the last two months, to the point that doctors are ready to remove their tonsils. Not that removing tonsils will 100% prevent strep from recurring, but hey, they’ve got to make money somehow.

The good feelings continued when I found cartoonist Stephan Pastis of Pearls Before Swine fame will be in Raleigh. I think I told you this. What I didn’t tell you is that he liked my tweet about being excited to see him:

stephan pastis pearls hogs the road liked tweet

Truly, my twitter game was strong this week.

Krystal and I started spring cleaning, which is likely to become summer cleaning, too. We’ve accumulated quite a bit of crap, junk, and clutter, and it’s almost becoming overwhelming. So were taking things a little bit at a time, focusing on one section a day for only an hour or so a day. It’ll eventually get done and we won’t burn out in the process. After a week I’ve finished most of the kitchen and the laundry closet. We’ve gathered enough trash to fill our garbage can at least four times – I’m grateful for friends and neighbors who let us fill their extra space so we don’t have to pay to take carloads to the dump ourselves.

I knew things were bad, but I found boxes of pasta that expired back in ’12.

Today I’m working on loads of laundry, which we can then sort into “keep” or “donate” piles (we already sorted the good clothes from the rag clothes), and writing a few tests.

Basil Fawlty will keep Smokey and I company while Krystal is at work; I just discovered the two seasons are on Netflix!

I’ll need the laughs, though, since the UCONN girls’ winning streak ended last night. 111 games, and they lose by a two-point buzzer-beater. I knew the streak couldn’t go on forever, but why couldn’t it end in regular season? I haven’t had to deal with a girls loss since 2014, but supporting the guys team has given me plenty of opportunity to deal with disappointment. Mississippi weren’t even gracious winners, implying its about time the UCONN team got a taste of its own medicine, having sent many teams to the locker rooms the way they’re feeling tonight. Salt in the wound, Mississippi. I hope South Caroline beats you by more than 60 points, which you may remember was the difference between you and UCONN when you played last year. It’s not enough that you lose, I want you dreams crushed beyond all hope in the first half. Now that I’m becoming petty and vindictive, that’s a sign I need to step back, have some more coffee, and calm down.

So, what have you been up to this week?

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. My coffee pot broke and I went back to using the French press. I’m much happier with that. It comes out how I like it every time. I love applesauce but peaches sound divine. I’m glad you are on the mend. We passed around sickness for 3 weeks due to his co-workers not all getting sick at once, but things are looking up. Thanks for the Fawlty heads up!

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    1. I’ve yet to use a French press, but they sound divine. I’m using a drip maker; I threw out the Keurig in the Spring Clean – even after weeks of trying to clean/fix it, it wouldn’t make a decent cup of coffee, being barely able to pass water through the system. Then again, it was several years old and I didn’t take the *best* care of it. On a positive note, I didn’t pay for it, so I really got my money’s worth.


      1. What I like about the press is that it sounds like a big deal but is really simplicity. Easy to use and nice and strong and I don’t have to make extra.
        I’ve never liked keurig though some rave about it so maybe it has improved since the first one back then

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        1. I liked my keurig mainly because I could make one cup of coffee without a lot of fuss or waste. However, as coffee goes, it’s near the bottom of my list. Of all the coffee I’ve had, the “coffee” from Bojangles’ is worst.


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