A Loyalist on the Fourth of July

Today I did something I haven’t done since May ’08: I shaved. Completely.

What could have convinced me to do such a thing?

Participating in the Glorious Fourth at Tryon Palace!

Krystal and I were portraying local courting loyalists Sedney Edmundson and Alexander McAuslan, moderately successful cloth merchant.

We were unsure what we’d face going into this event; past July 4s have been somewhat intense. We thought this would be no different, given the political climate of the United States.

Surprisingly, the day was uneventful, even with our heckling of the Declaration of Independence. We got tons of stink-eye, but little push-back.

We had lots of visitors want to take pictures with us, even when we wandered the grounds separately. It was a long, hot day, but it was tremendous fun.

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