Saturday Morning Coffee: The Final Push

Thanks for stopping by! The coffee just finished brewing and I’m trying something new for breakfast. And (wait for it) this week has been profitable – Krystal and I may actually be close to finishing the Deep Clean! Of course, something’s bound to come up. 

Kitchen is clean

Spare Oom is clean

Living Room is clean

Hallway is clean

Bedroom is *almost* clean – curse the piles of clothes that won’t put themselves away!

Bathroom is, well, not clean. We’re trying to fix a sinking spot in the floor today, and THEN it can be cleaned. I’ve already scrubbed the shower so it gleams whiter than it has in a long time.

Once more, I’m making progress on my reading list; I finished 1.5 books yesterday – huzzah!

Oh, what am I having for breakfast? Something called “Overnight Oats” – essentially you combine rolled oats with yogurt and milk and let it sit in a jar overnight. In the morning, add fruit, nuts, and other choice fillings and Bob’s your uncle. We’re using Greek yogurt and vanilla soy milk with chia seeds. I added bananas to mine and would have added almonds if I hadn’t left the bag in Krystal’s car. She’s already at work, so no luck there.

It appears the alligator I saw several weeks ago has been captured. I was wondering if he’d be around when family comes to visit next week. Guess not.

Well, help will be here shortly to work on the floor, so I’d better get busy. You can stay a few minutes though, no sense in rushing off when you’ve just arrived.

How was your week?

What are you up to? 

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