Bob’s Burgers Review: New Bacon-ings

Hello, everyone – and welcome to a new feature here on the blog! For the next 72 weeks (give or take), I’ll be cooking through the Bob’s Burgers cookbook, the official, licensed book of “joke burgers” from the hit TV show. I know I’m not the first to do this, in fact, a blogger started making the burgers and inspired the cookbook. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll come along on our gastronomic adventure.

Of course, I must also admit that by the time we cook our way through the book, another volume will be forthcoming.

Credit where credit is due, Krystal came up with this idea and suggested I write about it here. Also, we bought a print of our featured image from Andrew Heath at Raleigh Supercon. We told him about our idea and he loved it. Check out his website and – if it’s your thing – buy some of his art. I’m not on commission or anything, just doing my part to support a great and talented fan artist.


New Bacon-ings Burger [S1:E1 “Human Flesh”]

About the Episode – This is the first-ever episode of Bob’s Burgers. Bob faces a new adversary in the form of Health Inspector Hugo when his daughter Louise tells her class his burgers are made with human remains from the crematorium next door. Events spiral downhill as Bob also forgets his anniversary, and Hugo just happens to be his wife Lin’s former fiance.

New Baconings sign.jpg


About the Burger– This burger is your basic bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion. If we were following the book exactly, we’d also have made bacon fries, but we’re just doing burgers here, so our fries are OreIda seasoned crinkle fries. I was a bit wary of cooking the burger as I’d never made burgers at home before, but this was an easy one to learn.

New Baconings burger

The Response

Krystal paired this burger with a tall glass of sweet tea. With a full mouth, she declared the burger “mmm mmm goood” (sorry Campbell’s). When she could talk clearly, she said the burger had a great flavor, since it was nice and juicy yet still thoroughly cooked.

I enjoyed a chilled Moxie soda with my burger, and have to agree: the burger was perfectly juicy. The cheese melted and melded well with the onions (of which I am generally not a fan) and there was just the right amount of salt and pepper for my taste. The cookbook did not lead me astray in that regard!

We’d give this burger 3/5 stars, simply because it is a basic bacon burger. It’s good, and we’d make it again, but there just isn’t a ‘WOW” factor. Know what I mean?

three stars.png

Come back next week when we take on a burger with eggs. Should be interesting!


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  1. Special deal for cooking fries? Darn, I though everyone used a cast iron skillet like my mom did – I am so out of it HAHA
    Glad you are taking the burger challenge – (hard to believe you’ve never cooked hamburgers at home before…how have you managed? We never got to buy hamburgers when we went out to eat. Mom always said “We can make those at home. Order something we don’t make at home.” Must be a regional thing HAHA)

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