Saturday Morning Coffee: Run Around in Circles

Wow, you’re actually here?! It’s raining buckets out there; I got soaked just getting my school supplies from the car. Anyway, come on in – the coffee’s hot and strong.

School Closed WeatherOf course, the big news this week has been Hurricane Harvey. I’m nowhere near Texas, but I do have friends that live in the Huston and Galveston areas. They’re all safe, and at least one of them didn’t have much damage at all. The others, I’m not sure as they haven’t said. Among all the artists and actors raising money for relief efforts, two caught my eye.

First, Jensen Ackles (whose lives in Huston when he’s not filming) & Misha Collins of Supernatural fame teamed up to create “Stronger than Storms” which has raised over $361,538 in five days! From what I understand, Misha’s charity (Random Acts) is covering any overhead with this fundraiser, so 100% of donations will go directly to charities located in Huston to aid with relief efforts.

Second, Amanda Palmer released a song as part of a two-day writing/recording challenge, soliciting her Patreon supporters for source material. The result? “Drowning in the Sound” You can buy this song via Bandcamp through Palmer’s website for whatever amount you can afford (even if it’s only $1) with 100% of proceeds raised through September 20, 2017 going to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. WARNING: the song contains 2 words some may find offensive (each word occurs once).

national-archives-history-pinSchool is now in full swing. My ninth grade World History has had their wake-up call that this isn’t junior high anymore. Of course, I’ve eased them into this realization over the course of two weeks, but the shock for some has been palpable.

Chemistry had it’s first lab – the Great Biscuit Bake-Off! I love this lab, since most students don’t yet realize that cooking is a science. But they learn so much from this lab without realizing they’re learning anything. The biscuits tasted amazing, and once again I made a few converts to the joys of strawberry-rhubarb jam.

Now that I’m thinking of it, I do believe we had a two hour delay Tuesday due to a bad weather forecast that failed to materialize, but, if it had, would have been havoc for safely getting students to school.

pusheen reading plushAnd, speaking of jam, apparently I’ve intrigued a few students with my lunch. Some though I was eating whipped cream, while other thought – for reasons unknown – that I enjoyed a big bowl of sour cream. In actuality, I mixed up a bowl of Greek yogurt with sliced bananas and swirled in some fig jam. Yum!

I’ve been trying to eat healthier because my metabolism isn’t what it once was. I’ll be 32 in December, and my family all told me “Eldred men stay skinny til they’re about 30, then you’ve got to start being proactive about your weight.” OK, they didn’t actually say those exact words, but it’s what they meant.

Mosquito Run 2Thankfully, the hottest part of summer is nearly over, so I won’t risk heat stroke from trying to get a few miles in. Cross country practice will help, too. I have a smaller team this year, but they appear to be a more dedicated, cohesive team than last year.

Unfortunately, the hottest part of summer is nearly over, and that means hurricane season is in full swing for us. We’ve two more months to go before it “officially” ends, and it looks like Irma might make her way towards us. I’m slightly concerned.

Yesterday I had the first detention duty of the year. It was a working detention, so they alphabetized the letters for the outdoor marquees. Not an entirely bad way to spend an hour, but it was an extra hour added on to a Friday before a long weekend. OK, not exactly an hour, more like 59 minutes 24 seconds. I know because I looked at my timer when they finished.

rain on window screenAnyway, today is the first day of that same long weekend. I was supposed to be in the Stanly-Spaight Duel this afternoon, but I just got word that it’s been cancelled on account of rain. Sadness. Perhaps next year I will get to “threaten” the assembled crowd wile waving a period pistol. Yes, the police know about this event.

I’ve got some other plans for the weekend, too, but if I share them now, then I won’t have anything to write about early next week, will I? That’s more than a few commas for one sentence, but it looks correct. I’ll go with it.

What’s been happening with you?


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  1. I haven’t had anything rhubarb since my mom was alive. She made a great rhubarb pie, but my favourite was the strawberry-rhubarb pie. The jam sounds yummy. If I can get some from a friend this year, I might try making it.

    I like the idea of a ‘working’ detention

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