A Quick Saturday Update

I’m around, but a bit too busy for my usual Saturday Morning Coffee feature. So, here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening. 

  • I went to a three-day teacher’s conference. On the plus side, I was away for a few days. On the downside, I was away for a few days. Grading & Lesson Plans, here I am!
  • Krystal and I planned a date night; so once again there’ll be no Bob’s Burger’s Review. We’re talking about changing the day we do the burger since we miss doing it very much.
  • I’m on track with my reading schedule, but behind on listening to podcasts.
  • Today we began the official practices for Tryon Palace’s Candlelight celebration. Huzzah!
  • I’m sad to announce that Doppel (short for Doppelganger) – one of the outside “neighborhood cats” – was hit and killed this week. She’d been around for two-ish years and everyone in the neighborhood knew her. The person who hit her was therefore (1) a stranger, (2) speeding, and (3) cold and heartless, since it appears she was hit while lying in one of her regular spots where you’d have to actually try to hit her. Krystal and I miss her terribly, and I’m sure Smokey feels her loss, too, as at least once a week we’d find her on our porch with Smokey and Doppel meowing to each other through the door.

I hate to end on a sad note, but there’d no good place to talk about bad news.

Leave some good news in the comments!

Pretty please?

3 thoughts on “A Quick Saturday Update

  1. I feel like you’ve mentioned Doppelganger before. I’m sorry to hear this. I live on a street where they drive way too fast and not in their lane.

    Good news…hmm…there is a lot of bad news today. Only one happy thing I heard, a friend I’ve had online for years is a new Grandpa. That made me smile.

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