Monday Morning Coffee

I’m sorry I missed you Saturday. Thanks for understanding, and for dropping by today. Good friends and hot coffee make Mondays – and every day – more bearable.

Last week was hectic as all get out!

Can you believe the first marking period is over? Yep, we’ve been in school nine weeks, and it’s time for Report Card No. 1!

Monday-Wednesday I helped chaperone an overnight high school trip for a gender mixed group of 29 students. It was both fun and stressful, as you might well imagine. I took hundreds of pictures, but can’t share most of them as they feature my students. I can tell you I spent quite a bit of time looking at views like this:

Then I had to come back and teach Thursday and Friday, at times trying to keep those same students awake and attentive.

Thursday and Friday night Krystal and I went downtown with her mom and sister for this year’s Historical Society “Ghostwalk”. As usual, our favorite spot was the cemetery.

Sometime Friday our A/C unit died. It needs a new fan (at least) and will hopefully be fixed early this week. We’re warm and slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not unbearable – I bought 2 box fans to help out. I’m glad it’s not the middle of the hot of summer!

Saturday I helped Krystal with Tryon Palace’s “All Hallows Eve” event. She was responsible for the whole thing, and though I might be biased, I think it went well. I wandered the grounds in the same outfit from July 4 passing out tootsie rolls and sweet tarts. Over the course of the day, kids were equally excited or terrified.

Of course, I’m also preparing for tomorrow’s historic moment.

What have you been up to?

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