Winter Storm Prep (3/1/18)

If you’re watching the news, you probably know that the Southern United States is in for a blast of arctic weather. Where I live, they’re predicting between 4 and 12 inches of snow. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare.

• I’ve been on the phone with my internet provider. Since December 27, the internet has gone out sometime in the night and then come back on by itself about 10ish every morning. This coincides with a 3-minute power outage on the 27th and falling daily temperatures. I don’t want to be stuck at home without access to the internet.

• Organizing my books for the first part of 2018:

first books of 2018

•  I’ve been cleaning. It needed to be done, but if the power goes out we’ll already be stumbling around anyway and there’s no need of breaking toes or necks due to junk being in the way. This includes doing dishes, because if the power goes out we won’t be able to wash anything and while we have plenty of food to last, we still need something to eat off/out of.

• Trying to stay warm.

• Cuddling with Smokey:

cuddling with smokey


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