My Name in Print

Yes, it’s true. I’m an actual contributor to a real book.

Some months ago you may have seen me promoting Chris Gehrz & Mark Pattie’s “The Pietist Option”. Now, the authors and first readers of that book have written a devotional for Lent, “Come Back to Jesus”, available as a free download (links in article).

Chris graciously offered me the opportunity to contribute, and this is the first publication of any kind (apart from high school yearbooks) to feature something I’ve written.

You don’t have to have read the book to use the devotional; the book merely served as springboard for our themes. For those of you who choose to read it, I trust you find it beneficial.

[click on through to Chris’ original post for the pdf download links (low & high res available)]

I’m very happy to announce that Come Back to Jesus, our free Lenten devotional, is now available for download! This lower-resolution version (1 MB) should work well for tablets and smaller devices; if you’d like to print a hard copy, you can download a higher-res option (31 MB) from Scribd. My Pietist Option co-author Mark Pattie and I each contributed […]

via Come Back to Jesus: A Lenten Devotional by the Readers and Authors of The Pietist Option — The Pietist Schoolman


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