Saturday Morning Coffee

I could really use some coffee right about now. You look like you could, too. Come on in and let’s chat. I realize now I never told you what I’m reading this week. Well, there’s a story behind that. Remember I told you on Monday about the student who called me a magical unicorn? Well, Krystal decided we needed to go to the bookstore and they just so happened to have this:

So now there’s a Pusheen unicorn plush in my classroom, or as I call it, a “Pusheenicorn”.

Anyway, we were at the bookstore and I really wanted a book. Unfortunately, the book I wanted was twice as much there as at other stores. Another book would’ve started a 13-book series, and I just cut back on my books due to the move. But when Krystal saw what it was, she almost forced me to get it; so, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels are now slowly making their way to my house.

It was a busy week at school with two of the largest spring fundraisers for the senior class: barbecue plates and a yard sale.

This morning I ran the Neuse River Bridge Run 5K. There was a slight discrepancy between my GPS and the official course signs, but I’m happy with my time nonetheless. I just finished my post-race carbs while I’m waiting for the awards. I have no clue if I placed, but one of my friends placed in his age group and asked me to pick up his award for him as he has other obligations this morning.

This afternoon I’m doing some cleaning around the house and then Krystal and I have our standing burger-themed date night.

What have you been up to?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. I applaud you for being able to write a blog post at the finish line of a run. I used to run the mile in 10 minutes , so I am in awe of you doing it in 7. Needless to say, after years of doughnut abuse, I do not run a 10 minute mile anymore.

    My coffee is a Guatemalan with a nice cocoa taste to it.

    We had to make a sudden move to a new apartment a few weeks ago, and I am just now making the rounds of various coffee klatsches. Good to see you

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    1. You had to move suddenly, too? So did we! We’ve been in our new place since Jan 22.

      It turns out I placed 5th; had I been 40 seconds faster I’d have placed 2nd. 1st place was several minutes ahead of me. Still, I’m happy with my time – building up to a marathon in November!

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  2. Sipping coffee at 10pm over in the UK while reading this. Great to see other coffee and running enthusiasts! I’m fairly new to the WordPress community but have been running for years. Welldone for being able to teach and train for marathons! I can bearly juggle running with university, my job, and my projects. Wishing you happy running:)

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