It’s That Time of the Year

The time I’m thankful great grandpa, for a variety of reasons, chose to resign from his job with White Star rather than sail on the Titanic.

6 thoughts on “It’s That Time of the Year

    1. I wish I knew more, but he passed before I was born and the papers related to his resignation have disappeared over the years.

      Members of the family think it had to do with emigration; perhaps working for an American-based company such as Dole would help them gain entry? I know that the whole family was moved over by 1916.

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      1. Tha”s fascinating. All the family stories lost if only someone had written it down – but like now, we all think no one will be interested in our ordinary lives…there should be a designated historian charged with journaling each generation….on paper – or at least print it out and put is somewhere just in case. (It’s a challenge to keep moving the pictures and saved documents into the newest format – we’ve some old family films that were put on CDs, then flash drives….and the after a while you think – will it mater to anyone at all, but we value shards of pottery dug up and speculate, right?

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