Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s finally starting to feel like winter. Come on in and let’s talk over a hot cup of coffee.

After so many weeks of more-than-above-average temperatures, the weather finally dropped to at or below freezing this week. I loved my running regiment the last few days!

This week we returned to school. After a few rough starts we’re all finally getting back into the routine of things.

One of my students went yard sale shopping over the break. They bought an old Atari system and a box of games and found this gem, considered by many to be the worst video game ever made:

Tuesday I went running, as per usual:

Thursday Krystal and I celebrated our tenth anniversary! We went to the Melting Pot, our traditional anniversary restaurant.

Friday I went to some junior varsity basketball games. Our teams played well but lost by a few points.

Oh, this week a former student also brought me a sweet treat: a triple mocha Frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso!

Sometime this week I also took a quiz on to see what battle position I’d be in the medieval period. To the surprise of nobody, I’m an archer.

Oh, and here’s my results for that first/last selfie challenge. My first one was sometime in 2006, my most recent was Tuesday.

What have you been up to?

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