Wednesday Wrap-Up

This past weekend I was too excited to do a Saturday Morning Coffee. Let’s talk now, instead.

Over the past two weeks, here’s what’s happened.

I found out John Cleese will be coming to Raleigh SuperCon (which has now been renamed GalaxyCon since the copyright holder sold the name; the only thing that has changed is the name). Obviously, as a fan of both Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, I’m going to do my best to see him and get an autograph. Fortunately, I have this POP! figure for him to sign:

I didn’t pay that much for it; when I got it it was much, much cheaper.

Kate Harris, author of Lands of Lost Borders, reacted to my tweet about her book! I also finally got around to writing a review of said book:

It’s been several weeks since I finished this book, yet I’m still thinking about it. I’m not exactly sure what I expected this book to be, but it was certainly more than I bargained for. I was challenged with how I see the world around me and how I perceive people from other lands and cultures, most of whom I will never meet or encounter. And yet I was also challenged by the author relating snippets from her own life and the decisions that led to her trip. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. While that can be frustrating and best and devastating at worst, perceived failure doesn’t mean actual failure. Missed opportunities might open other doors. Lands of lost borders expanded my horizons from the comfort of my armchair.

It was a big week for science, what with the publication of the black hole photo. I encouraged my students to study both science and the humanities; perhaps one day they’ll be the black hole explorers!

One particular student took our discussion of oscillators to the next level.

In book news, I became a Goodreads Author and my book, Stories in the End is now available on Amazon!! If you get it, please let me know and leave a review on either of those sites (if you can).

I also received my first Goodreads review. It was three stars, which is fine, but the “review” boiled down to “this wasn’t the book I would write if it were me”. So I guess I still succeeded? There’s no pleasing everyone all the time! On the positive side, here’s what two early readers had to say:

warm, inviting, and totally winsome

Jordan Poss, author of Griswoldville

little details that add up to a magisterial mosaic

Danny Anderson, Assistant Prof. of History: Mount Aloysius College

School is almost to Spring Break. We’ve standardized testing to get through and then we’ve got some time off. Proctoring tests means I’m getting *a lot* more steps in than usual. I’m still keeping up with running, though based on the new time requirements, I doubt I’ll qualify for Boston. Still setting a 3:15-3:30 goal, though.

Yesterday we found out Billie Piper will be at Raleigh SuperCon, too! As huge Whovians, Krystal and I are ecstatic. Krystal said she fell into her chair when she found out!!

What have you been up to?

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