Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in and beat the heat with a cup of coffee. or sweet tea. or water. Whatever you like!

Summer has started and brought the heat and summer storms with it. We’ve already had heat indexes over 100F, and yesterday we were under a severe storm warning for most of the afternoon. Of course I only found out when it sounded like a pipe and burst somewhere in the house and I spent a frantic few minutes looking for the leak.

The heat hasn’t stopped my running, though. I’ve been getting up just as early as in the school year in order to beat the sun. It also helps that I’ve been able to get a hydration pack. I saved up gift cards and took myself on a shopping spree:

I’ve also started to make more recipes. In fact, I planned out meals and bought groceries for an entire week! I’d never done that before and it felt good. So far I’ve made a Dutch Baby and a kind of cold veggie-and-ham salad. I forgot to take pictures of the salad and we ate it all, but here’s the Dutch Baby:

I’ve also been cleaning the house a little at a time. So far I’ve gotten the kitchen and half the living room done. Not only can we now see the kitchen table, but there’s actually room to put chairs around it! I hope that doesn’t sound like we’re hoarders, we just have a small-ish apartment kitchen.

On that note, our complex is doing maintenance on the fire extinguishers. They picked ours up yesterday and will return one on Tuesday. I suppose that means NO FIRES between now and then.

Here are a few of the animals I’ve seen on my morning runs:


And finally, in a move that will shock absolutely no one, I added more to my summer reading stack. And by that I mean I found a stack of books I’d forgotten about.

What have you been up to?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. I like seeing your running route pictures, especially the turtle. I am having a strange and wonderful time. My oldest son, Bob and his family landed in Paris yesterday morning. Except for Mexico they have never been out of the US.
    They are there now with a contingent of my daughter-in-law’s family on their way to Normandy to be present for the D-Day Commemoration. They will stay in Bayeux. I clearly remember my first visit to Paris when he was 8 years old. I loved my time in Paris but I am even more excited for my son to begin to see the world from a greater perspective.

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