Monday Morning Coffee

I’m sorry we weren’t able to meet Saturday, but I’m here now. Let’s talk about the week that was over a hot, strong cup of coffee.

Last week was spent mainly working outside, helping my cousin do some yard work for a lady in his church. We’ve got a good start on the stuff that needs to be done. Here we are last Thursday enjoying some Mexican after a day in which we killed two black widow spiders:

My cooking adventures continued with a miss and a hit. The miss was roasted eggplant with tomato dressing, which just didn’t turn out. The hit was summer vegetable soup.

The big event of the week was Heroes Con!

Friday: Howl from Howls Moving Castle and Mononoke from Princess Mononoke

I also saw my old nemesis, the revolving door:

I once got stuck in the revolving door at Tiffany’s. Yes, *that* Tiffany’s.

Saturday was my original mashup of Louise Belcher and Mabel Pines, which I’m calling “Louis Pines” – it got a fair bit of attention from the artists in attendance and even got the approval of Kristen Schaal herself! Schaal is the voice actor for both characters.

Sunday was our usual Dean & Castiel. We found the Mystery Machine!!

Throughout the weekend we met up with friends and made new ones. Here’s a few pictures from those meetups:

The absolute best cosplay I saw was this Morpheus from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman:

She won a well-deserved first place in the costume contest, and Gaiman himself liked her costume on Twitter!


Now, we’re back home and crashing out. Good thing we plan an extra day for recovery!!

What have you been up to?

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to the comic con coming up soon. My daughter wants to go as “Spider-Man Homecoming” and wear her costume plus headphones and a yellow jacket. That’s gonna be too cute.

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        1. Ah. We’re going to miss Soda City and we were just in Charlotte. But as it’s a 4-5 hr drive for us I don’t think we’ll be back this year. Have fun and perhaps we’ll see each other in the future!!

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