Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in. I’ll make breakfast: coffee and omelets and toast and cereal and bananas. Yeah, I’m hungry.

Monday: a little bit of sewing. Also, a little bit of blood cleanup when I somehow stabbed myself. I didn’t even know I was bleeding until I saw the drops on the patch.

Tuesday, my cousin showed me her new kitten. I booped his nose and immediately my day brightened.

I also made this zucchini and almond summer salad. It was good but not enough for a meal:

Wednesday, chicken adobo with bacon and bay leaves. Declared 10/10 by Krystal and she’s asked me to make it again every day since.

This week we’ve also been drinking Luzianne bottled sweet tea after being given 12 bottles of their new small batch line of teas at Heroes Con. For bottled tea they’re pretty good. We willingly drank them all, though I was the only one to drink the unsweet tea.

Today my long distance run was 10 miles and then I made breakfast and started typing this post.

What have you been up to?

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