GalaxyCon Day 1 & 2

Last week Krystal and I belatedly celebrated our 10th anniversary at GalaxyCon Raleigh

On the first day we dressed somewhat casually and scouted the con floor.

We met up with friends for dinner at the Mecca Restaurant. I had the meatloaf with salad and mashed potatoes. The food and the conversation was excellent.

Day 2:

Petronius Osgood finds the TARDIS, doppelgänger Rose Tylers, and Mary Poppins with Jack. There is no sign of The Doctor.

Osgood and Rose gain entry to the TARDIS and find Captain Jack Harkness. The Doctor must be close!

Osgood wanders off and finds himself in Old Peru. Ymza and Kuzco help him return to Rose Tyler, and just in time — she’s encountered a Dalek!

GalaxyCon Day 2 (cont): Osgood, Rose Tyler, & Captain Jack Harkness find The Doctor! But he’s gone in the flash of a camera. Hearing rumors he’s set to speak, they soldier on, meeting Hannibal (who does not eat them) and Hannah the Rat Queen.

The line to see The Doctor is long. Osgood and Rose make friends with Brian and Lisa. But the wait is worth it!!

(Note that the picture with Brian and Lisa is from Saturday)

Then, Osgood and Rose meet up with friends for the Princess Bride Shadowcast!

(Photo via Pineapple Shaped Lamps)

What will the next day bring?

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