GalaxyCon Day 4 & Con Loot

After checking out of the hotel (which took 2 hrs!) Mabelise strolls the con floor.

While in line for a David Tennant autograph, he decides to get a Jonah Ray autograph. There is no line.

As I’m walking up to the table, Jonah looks up and says “Hi, Jay” !!

He remembered my name from a brief encounter in the photo op line the previous day! Not only that, but he gave us this free selfie!! Krystal says this makes him my new best friend, but I don’t think that’s the way this works. If only . . .

GalaxyCon Day 4: Mabelise continues to wander the Con, looking for things he may have missed. He runs into a family of Blechers, who welcome him as their own, as well as friends from near and far.

GalaxyCon Loot: Of course, everyone asks what you got at the Con. Let’s start with a few autographs from The Office!

Creed Bratton: “Good Timing”

Kate Flannery/“Meredith”: “Don’t fall in love with me, kid”

Leslie Baker/“Stanley”: “Warmest Wishes”

Catherine Tate/“Nellie”: “Love”

Here we have the signed photo of @jonahray (when he gave me the selfie) as well as signed POP! figures from David Tennant & Chris Sarandon

Jonah: “Hey Jay, you’ve got movie siiiiiign!”

Of course, conventions are also known for their vendors and art. We picked up some Mononoke prints from The Real Chuck Carte:

Adopted some monster cards from Catawampus Press (available soon online!!):

Back at Heroes Con, Davey Beauchamp promised me Ghibli art by GalaxyCon – and he delivered with this amazing Howl’s Moving Castle print!

We’ve bought from these artists in the past and love supporting them at conventions.

Conventions are also great places for finding new artists, like Tony Paulson of Hand Over The Hero. We picked up two of his prints, Gandalf (held by Sauron? a Balrog?) and Toothless (held by Hiccup).

Thanks for following along on this short recap of our GalaxyCon adventure!

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  1. David Tennant and The Office bunch…I am so jealous. Maybe next year we can play to make it. We were hoping to go to the Soda City one this coming weekend, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen since some other stuff has come up for this weekend.

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