Saturday Morning Coffee

Well, it’s been a week. Come on in and let’s chat over a hot cup of coffee.

First of all, I ate Funkos Dr. Ian Malcolm cereal – so you don’t have to.

We bought it for the toy. Seriously. Dr Ian Malcolm will make a great addition to our Christmas village.

The cereal was awful. Really. It tasted worse than cardboard. I let the cereal sit in the milk for a few minutes and it got better. By that I mean it tasted vaguely like fake berries. A LaCroix-type cereal.

Another downside? It makes for colorful morning ablutions.

This week was a big week for The Office. I got the Dwight Schrute POP! figure and a unique, handmade Schrute Farms B&B sign from Burn or Bust.

This week I dogsat Indy. It was usual except for two things.

First, we had a severe thunderstorm that brought down a huge fir or pine tree near us. It was near the water and no one was hurt. But it was scary!

The twisting looks like we might’ve had a microburst!!

The other thing was that we were buzzed by an owl while out for a walk. Talk about startling!

I got this nifty mug for taking care of him:

While looking through the used records at our local thrift store, I found two paper sleeves for The Beatles White Album, one for each record of the double album. There were no records in them. There were about a dozen other sleeves with this handwriting, and each contained exactly what was labeled. I wonder where the records went? Ah well. I still got some good soundtracks, Jazz, and swing recordings.

School started this week.

My recipes have been misses this week, so no photos on that end.

Today’s run was rough but I still managed to finish 16 miles.

This afternoon I’m doing another podcast interview promoting Stories in the End!

What have you been up to?

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