Saturday Morning Frappuccino

It’s a cool, windy day here at the beach.

Today Krystal and I are attending the wedding of a former student of mine. Being on a budget and seeing our cosplay photos, she kindly asked/hired us to take her wedding photos. It’s a small event, so the biggest obstacle will be the weather. It’s been blustery, to put it mildly.

So that finds me this morning laying in a king-sized bed in an ocean-facing hotel room with the widows open listening to the crashing waves. I could think of worse ways to wake up on a Saturday.

This week the news has been all about impeachment. I’ve stayed largely silent – at least online – on the subject of President Trump for a variety of reasons. I’ve started being more outspoken on Twitter, though. Suffice it to say, I am not a fan of his character.

On a happier, less anxiety-producing note, my foot is healing well from the marathon. Folks were so supportive and understanding about my mix of disappointment and encouragement. After all, I ran both better and longer than any other marathon. Eight-minute miles for twenty miles is nothing to sneeze at. It’s too bad the last 6.2 miles were so rough.

Speaking of running, I found a medal rack at the race expo! It was a tad more than I’d want to spend on myself, but Krystal reminded me that I really only spend money one myself for one marathon a year and a few new books. So, I placed and order. Yesterday, it came in!

Now I can display my love for running and Jurassic Park all at the same time.

Another box came in this week, too:

This here’s the box of books I’ll have for sale on December 7th, when I’ll be giving a lecture at Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina at 1:30 PM. I’ll be talking Pearl Harbor and Mr Tom. The lecture is free; books will be $10 each. I’ll even sign them for you!

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