Friday Freeze

They predicted snow but all we really got was freezing rain. Still, school is canceled and I’m curled up with a blanket, a thermos of coffee, and a good book. Let’s catch up.

So nothing ever came of the creepy guy who followed me the other Saturday. Thanks to those of you who checked in with me.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The conversation between Krystal and I went something like this:

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay.

Also me: here’s a cordless glue gun!

It even has four interchangeable nozzles!

Also Krystal: here’s a ticket to see an author you like!

Also us: want to go to the art museum tomorrow?

So on Saturday the 15th we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art, and I cried in front of so much art. How could I not?

Now, I really like art. So I was giving a running commentary which Krystal says she mostly ignores because I’m always talking about something. But she stopped short and shook her head when we walked into a gallery and I pointed to the far end, saying

That looks like an interesting take on St. Sebastian.

Tar Baby vs St. Sebastian
Michael Richards, 1999

She just looked at me and asked

Why do you know this stuff?

Not how, but why. Sigh.

Then there were the folks in the 15th Century Italy section complaining that they didn’t like “old, religious art” as a complete Giotto altarpiece stood directly behind them.

Non-flash photography was permitted, but I didn’t take many photographs at all. I was too busy being in the presence of art.

A kind person online made me this gif of Creed reacting to an aria.

I’ve cooked a fair bit recently, nothing terribly exciting, but mostly good. My experimental fig jam with bacon and Brie pizza didn’t do so well.

So today I’m catching up on my reading.

What have you been up to?

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