Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 42

The lights are going out.

Seriously. 6 lightbulbs blew in the last 3 days.

  • One in the kitchen
  • Three in the living room; ceiling fan & lamps
  • One in the outside light
  • One in the bedroom ceiling fan

The ceiling fan lights were the hardest to replace. The design is awful. You’ve got to get up to the fan and then you’ve got a one-inch space to unscrew three screws holding the shade on. You don’t want to drop the glass, either. For us it’s a two-person job, and given our heights and the heights of the fans, it can get stressful.

On top of that, the ceiling lights are take a specific kind of lightbulb. I went to three stores before finding non-LED lights. Then when I got home, they wouldn’t fit because apparently there’s a flares and non-flared style. The flared style will not fit in the globe.

The bulb on the left fits; the bulb on the right does not.


I’ve also run out of Death Wish Pumpkin coffee. I need it to be fall again so I can get more.

Time to Say Goodbye

On the positive side of things, I’ve been doing well overall.

Quail Ridge Books is a sending me a book!

I also ordered some art, made a few TikTok videos, and continued my first watching of Star Wars with The Empire Strikes Back. You can read about it here.

How have you been?

One thought on “Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 42

  1. Maybe light bulbs know something we don’t. Four of mine have burned out in the last two weeks. – a “utility” bulb over the stove, a bulb in both the kitchen and the dining room that go in fixtures remarkably like yours, and a 3-way bulb in a lamp that hangs on the wall in my computer room. Crazy.

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