Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 39

Last week was rough.

Up til now trying to navigate teaching via the internet took up a healthy portion of my day.

Last week was Spring Break. Despite the unusual circumstances, we still held too it.

I’m glad we did. I think it was needed.

But it also meant my mind wasn’t nearly as occupied as it once was.

So I ended up sleeping and playing video games for much of the week.

I somewhat feel bad I did that, it Krystal says I needed to give myself a break.

I needed it, too.

A lot of stuff went on that mentally drained me. An unexpected death in the school family, a friend’s diagnosis, and politics in general.

But there’s been good news, too.

I got these nifty magnets, which I commissioned from Modern Goldfish.

They even made a How It’s Made Video about them!

I talked poetry with friends over Skype.

I figured out how to play games with friends in real time.

I cooked.

And now school is back and the routine is helping.

How have you been holding up?

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