A Political Post for Sunday, January 3, 2021

Attention, Americans.

Call your congresspeople – they should be in Washington today being sworn into office – and urge them to (a) uphold the certified results of the November election and (b) hold to account those who would attempt to overturn a fair and democratic election based on no evidence other than hurt egos.

The two chambers can censure, refuse to seat, expel, or otherwise “punish” members who violate their oath or act in a manner contrary to their office.

I would remind you that in over fifty court cases, precisely zero evidence of voter fraud on a scale that would overturn the election has been offered. I do not say there has been zero error because (a) any election is bound to have problems and (b) several Republican voters did, indeed, attempt to commit voter fraud (but this was only two or three votes in total).

To accept that there is massive voter fraud on a scale that would steal an election is to believe that state election boards, governors, observers, and auditors – comprised of both democrats and republicans- are lying to you. It would require you to believe that the courts – many of them filled by Trump-appointed judges (up to and including the Supreme Court) – are lying to you. It would require you to believe that President Trump’s own (former) Attorney General and handpicked head of election security are lying to you. It would require you to believe that the Vice President is lying to you. It would require you to believe that the president – who built his life around lying – is the only one telling the truth.

And that has brought us to the position where GOP congresspeople are calling for the Vice President to be executed for treason (looking at you, candidate Lin Wood), among other threats against various people who have not sufficiently bowed the knee. We have government officials calling for violence in the streets, and various groups have responded – some with the intent to dress in a manner that “the left” would be blamed (looking at you, Proud Boys).

We have congresspeople who believe that their election is valid while at the same time stating the presidential election was “stolen” – even though the elections were held on literally the same ballot.

We have Republican congresspeople stating that investigations need to be held because so many people distrust the system, even though the only reason there is distrust is because of their own fearmongering (I see you, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley).

We have newly-elected Republican Congresspeople who have bought into QAnon conspiracy theories and promote Neo-Nazism, and they are hailed as saviors of the party (and by extension, America).

President Trump has played the rigged election card since he first lost to Cruz in Iowa; what we’re seeing is the verification of the adage “tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.”

You don’t have to like the Democratic Party as a whole to recognize Biden won the election.

But at this point, to support the President’s actions and the GOP’s reaction (as a whole) to the result of the November election is to support anti-democratic and anti-republican ideals.

I have always said President Trump is/was a danger to the United States; he daily proves me right.

Even if you voted for him twice – and perhaps especially if you voted for him twice – you can still call your representative and senators and urge them to follow the constitution rather than continue to kowtow to manipulative lame duck President.

2 thoughts on “A Political Post for Sunday, January 3, 2021

  1. You boiled it all down to a concise post.
    I cannot believe that people are falling for this crap.
    The man lies on camera and then people make excuses.
    Everyone who signed on to contest the Electoral College should be dis-bared and tossed out of office.
    You can just imagine the flurry of voting related legislation that is going to be debated in state houses across the country this year.
    That is where we need to keep our eye on.

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