Janus: 2021 (Looking Forward)

It’s the time for resolutions. But rather than resolutions, let’s call them goals.

Some of these are significantly changed from previous years, but 2020 has convinced me to set more reasonable goals. Extending a goal feels much better than shortening one.

  • Exercise at least four times a week – not a specific type or distance, just exercise
  • Read at least two books a month – most previous years I read one a week. Strangely, being home for most of 2020, I read less than I have in almost 20 years. If you have any book recommendations, drop them in the comments!
  • Communicate more with family and friends. Is it weird to have a calendar listing who to reach out to each day? I’m of two minds: if I don’t have a schedule it won’t happen, but I also don’t want my loved ones thinking their just an item to be checked off.
  • Write more – I’m not aiming to finish any of my larger projects, but I did practically nothing during 2020. I have a poem I’ve been mulling over . . .
  • Continue to support small/local businesses and artists. Conventions may or may not be held, and if they are, I doubt we’ll attend. The Con Crud is already bad enough . . . But I want my favorite vendors to survive this, and they can’t do that without money.
  • Continue to improve my mental health and focus on self-care. One of my good friends described my 2020 as my chrysalis – the year I metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly. I want to keep that going.

Stretch Goals

  • Publish an article in a magazine, wether print or online, wether paid or not
  • Get another tattoo (the Death of Rats in the style of My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade band leader
  • Purchase EnChroma glasses

Last year one of my goals was to improve myself. I’d say I succeeded in that.

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