Saturday Morning Coffee: Eight Years, Really?

So, WordPress tells me I’ve had this blog for eight years.

So much has happened in those eight years – you can see the ebb and flow of my thoughts as I move through my late twenties and early thirties. I’ve written about books and poetry and movies and food and cats and history and philosophy and politics and cosplay and now I feel that I’ve written this sentence before.

The last few weeks have kind of blended in with each other, know what I mean? 

Krystal and I have been helping her parents move. It’s been hard work, but rewarding. It’ll be good to see them in their new house at some point in the near future. We’ve been given some things, which are kind of random now that I think about it: boxes of childhood keepsakes, clothes to be repurposed for cosplays, a wrench that looks like it was used in CLUE, and a dresser with a paint job that actually doesn’t look terrible against our white walls.

We’ve changed the hardware, though.

We’ve gone shopping and bought books and plushies and pins. They might seem silly but they bring us joy.

Just a few of the books that’ve been added to the shelves in recent weeks

I’ve rearranged my office decorations to display even more Pusheen stuffies. 

I’ve put more thought into my next tattoo.

The Death of Rats joins The Black Parade

I got vaccinated, and the day after was rough, to say the least.

My reaction to the second dose of Pfizer hasn’t wasn’t as bad as the medical professional said it could be, in that I didn’t have all the potential side effects, but I cycled through a majority of them like some kind of pharmaceutical buffet at the world’s worst restaurant.

I’d still do it again though, because the long-term benefits outweighs short-term discomfort.

I didn’t get a sticker, so I bought a pin

I’m growing ever-closer to purchasing my own pair of EnChroma glasses to improve my colorblindness, which I know isn’t the correct term but it’s what I’ve used for years and I can’t recall the right word right now.

oh, color vision deficiency – that’s the term.

I miss Smokey something terrible, even though it’s been almost three years since he passed.

It seems like so little, but it seems like the days are just packed. 

What have you been up to?

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