In Living Color

The day finally arrived.

This past Friday, a box arrived:

And in this box, a pair of glasses:

But these are no ordinary glasses; they’re EnChroma glasses to aid those who unable to perceive color correctly.

You might remember I tried my brother’s pair last August; well, now I have my own pair.

I was told I needed to do an unboxing video, but that didn’t happen.


Everyone’s been asking “what color is [x]” but it’d be better – for me anyway – to ask “how are things different?”

For example, there’s a large radio tower I park near at work.

Saturday, I realized it was white and red and not white and rust brown.

There are different shades of trees.

Blue is still ugly, though I can appreciate why some people like it now that it doesn’t look like someone tried to make grey and failed.

Krystal took me for a drive to see all the colors around town; I felt like a dog must feel when going for a ride.

We’re making plans to visit some art galleries and maybe take a trip to enjoy the fall foliage, which we don’t get where we are.

And I’m looking forward even more to my brother’s visit next year, when we can enjoy the beauty of the world together.

And none of it would have been possible without my brother and some coworkers chipping in what amounted to over half the cost so I could afford them.

But that’s not the only things that have changed.

We’ve spent the last few months helping Krystal’s parents move out of Mr Tom’s house.

They’re still going to be nearby, but it’s the end of an era of sorts.

It’s hard to explain, but when he died the life went out of the place, and while it was a place to live, it never truly felt like a home.

And last weekend we said our last goodbyes to the house on the water.

I’ve been doing some reading and am actually on track with my goal.

They’re not all Little Golden Books; I’m also reading Midnight in Chernobyl.

Krystal and I also got the chance to meet up with my friend Brenda as she leads a colonial history tour up the East Coast.

We hadn’t seen each other since 2018 when we had to evacuate due to Hurricane Florence, so it was good to get to spend a few hours over good food catching up.

What have you been up to?

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