Paint the Sky with Rainbows

Trigger warning: this post contains references to death and loss (but also hope and joy and rainbows). I know this time of year can be difficult for some of you; if you wish to scroll on, I totally understand and encourage you to do so.

Maria, a former student and good friend of mine, passed away on Christmas Eve. Now, I’ve known Maria since she was six or so, and there are three specific stories that stand out to me.

First was her look of sheer pleasure when she tried strawberry-rhubarb jam on a homemade biscuit – the end result of a chemistry lesson.

Second was her look of sheer wonder at seeing a total solar eclipse.

But what stands out the most was when she was in seventh grade and learning about my colorblindness. She was convinced that if she covered herself in yellow highlighter she’d be invisible to me.

This did not go according to her plans.

But ever since that day she always wished I could see the colors of the world. Sometimes this was expressed by writing notes to her classmates in yellow highlighter on white paper. And other times she carefully chose her pens so that I could clearly see her messages in the yearbook.

Today was Maria’s memorial service.

And today was the first time ever since getting my colorblind glasses back in May of 2021 that I saw a rainbow.

A spectacular, glorious, marvelous rainbow spanning the sky.

And Maria would have loved that.

4 thoughts on “Paint the Sky with Rainbows

  1. I missed the connection between your beautiful visual experience and the loss of your beautiful student. I saw both on your social media posts, but only just now read your post. Her passing came too, too soon. My sympathies to you and everyone whose lives she touched.

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