Lyrics for the Table: Night City Jazz

A song written for the campaign Cyberpunk Red: Never Fade Away

I said before that my writing of late has focused quite a bit on the TTRPG campaigns I’m in, and I thought I’d share some of those with you here.

Right now I’m going through songs written in-character by my Rockerboy, K2:

K2, as generated by MidJourney

Album: DemoGraphic

DemoGraphic is the first album/ep released by K2 after their debut performance at Hammer. The album is an eclectic mix of musical styles, from instrumental jazz to an industrial-metal ballad on the same album. The title comes from the fact that most of the songs were on K2’s demo, combined with the fact that the lyrics are mostly autobiographical.

On another level, the title refers to the fact that, like K2 themself, music doesn’t fit into a box but is wild, free, and authentic to itself.

Track Two

Night City Jazz

This song is largely instrumental, mimicking sounds of Night City and with few vocals

Spend the night sleeping

under incandescent stars

and a neon moon

Memories come creeping

through the window, up the stairs

harbinger of doom

Time is found fleeting

like the humming of the cars

and the city’s low croon


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