Lyrics for the Table: The Fifth Labor of Hercules

Sharing songs written in-game by my OC rockerboy K2 for the campaign Cyberpunk Red: Never Fade Away.

K2, as generated by MidJourney

Album: DemoGraphic

DemoGraphic is the first album/ep released by K2 after their debut performance at Hammer. The album is an eclectic mix of musical styles, from instrumental jazz to an industrial-metal ballad on the same album. The title comes from the fact that most of the songs were on K2’s demo, combined with the fact that the lyrics are mostly autobiographical.

On another level, the title refers to the fact that, like K2 themself, music doesn’t fit into a box but is wild, free, and authentic to itself.

Track Seven

The Fifth Labor of Hercules

(Hercules’ fifth labor was cleaning the Augean Stables, and this is K2 attempting to clean out the shit in their life.)

Slice me open like a Ripper

Take a look at my heart

Cold and artificial

I can barely play the part

Can you tell I’m getting sicker

I’m just waiting for the start

of the fire, of the violence, of the pain

Don’t bother calling Trauma

It’s already too late

To stop the bleeding

Let alone to slake

The desire for revenge

The need to see you break

lanced with fire, pierced with violence, wracked with pain

The most connected fixer

Couldn’t solve what’s gone wrong

As to what exactly that is

Let’s just say I don’t belong

But I can hold a grudge

And nurture it in song

Wreathed in fire and in violence and in pain

So let Media write the headline

On the day that shit gets real

And the techs can trace the pathway

That leads us straight to hell

Let all Night City speculate

And the gossipmongers tell

Of the fire, of the violence, of the pain

If I go down, you’re coming down with me

into fire, into violence, into pain

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