Lyrics for the Table: Terra Incognita

Sharing songs written in-game by my OC rockerboy K2 for the campaign Cyberpunk Red: Never Fade Away.

K2, as generated by MidJourney

Album: Be Gay, Do Crime

Be Gay, Do Crime – sometimes shortened to BGDC – is the second album released by K2. The album is a love letter to The Runaways, with each song written for one particular member.

Track Five

Terra Incognita

Written for K2

In the night I lie here thinking 
that I did this to myself
hold on to keep from sinking
clinging to bottles on the shelf

Because they call me “moral compass”
not knowing my own conscience
accustomed to the numbness
can’t find true north

Mercy or retribution,
avoidance or communion,
guilt or absolution –
I can’t find true north

Now maybe you are out there thinking
“There’s no such thing as sin”;
but sin is when you start treating
human beings like they’re things

Come share this holy vision -
call it folly, call it wisdom,
you might even say ambition -
find my true north

The music is the hardware;
the lyrics are the software
with empathy to spare:
is this my true north?

I might look small and I might look weak,
but my soul is strong and so I speak:
The city wants to grind us
into nothing well then let it see
what it means to live when they try
with all their strength to watch us die
to make us quit and to turn aside
to give up on life and to swallow our pride . . .

With rounds in the chamber and knives at the side
no one can blame me if I can’t decide
to take offense or to let it slide
to hold together or to divide

“Why couldn’t they just stick with their art?
What a shame they’re falling apart!” (they said)
while mocking the blood that I’ve shed - -
some things should be left unsaid.

They call me priest and priestess
I struggle in the deepness
in the dark I seek forgiveness
(and to) find my true north

Justice or retribution -
I’ll do whatever I need to
bring about a revolution
and find my true north

I’ll find and make my own way
and my true north

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