Lyrics for the Table: Plague Rat

Sharing songs written in-game by my OC rockerboy K2 for the campaign Cyberpunk Red: Never Fade Away.

K2, as generated by MidJourney

Album: Be Gay, Do Crime

Be Gay, Do Crime – sometimes shortened to BGDC – is the second album released by K2. The album is a love letter to The Runaways, with each song written for one particular member.

Originally Plague Rat was intended as a callout of Micah Turingsen (who was less than honest with the Runaways at first), but K2 changed their mind upon realizing Micah had been used not only by Biotechnica, but also his own mother. K2 destroyed the original lyrics and replaced them with ones vilifying the corporations making everyone’s lives a living hell – – a running theme in K2’s music.

Bonus: Track Six

Plague Rat

[played in the style of a cyber-pop/punk version of Austin Roberts’ Seven Days a Week]

Well a sickness is spreading
Riots in the streets
Since we started seeing
the real instead of dreams, yeah

Are you starting to see now
Are you getting the deets?
The corporations always play for keeps
Let them feel the heat

A never ending circle
(Round and round)
just like fortune’s wheel
(Round and round)
The CEOs won’t fear you
(Rounds and rounds)
Til blood runs in the street, yeah

Are you starting to see now?
Are you getting the deets?
Your cyberware cannot save you
Upgrades starting to creep

Do you get what I’m trying to tell you
It does no good just getting by, so

Take it to the streets now
Riot in the streets
(Oh, yeah)
Chip in or jack out - it’s on you
Can you tell it’s over?

Are you starting to see now?
(now! now!)
Seeing all the deets?
(Come on chooms!)
Riot in the streets!
(oh, yeah)
We’re taking back the streets!
(repeat and fade out)

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