A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.

I have an obsession with Jurassic Park.

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Saturday Morning Coffee

Hello there! It’s good to see you this morning. The coffee just finished brewing; won’t you sit for a spell?

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Is Today Global Running Day?

It’s global running day; what better day to come off my rain-induced break and show off the gels I got on sale!

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s Saturday! Let’s talk.

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Saturday Morning Coffee Update: Cupid’s Crawl 5k

So, here’s how that run I mentioned earlier today worked out: Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee Update: Cupid’s Crawl 5k”

Saturday Afternoon Beverages

Thanks for being so flexible; I know we normally get together in the mornings, but it just wasn’t possible today, what with the race and all. But, once again, I’m getting ahead of myself. What do you want to drink? Tea? Lemonade? I’ll put on coffee if you want. After all, it is a bit overcast, making it cooler than the last few days. Continue reading “Saturday Afternoon Beverages”

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