A Song of Ice (No Fire)

Wind and cold combine,

Making water treacherous:

Clear and smooth as glass –

Betraying unwary feet –

Or pointed like an arrow.

Frozen Swan New Bern


7 thoughts on “A Song of Ice (No Fire)

      1. My mum wrote a poem about homeless people in London once. She spoke about the sharp,wind, and the physical pain she experienced at the sight of ‘cardbooard box city’. She used the words ‘Cuts me like a knife.’
        I don’t know why that ran through my brain when I read your poem, or why I needed to tell you.
        I think a hard C on the last line would round the poem off, but I’m no expert.
        I like tanka.

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  1. Your picture and poem about ice are alive to me. I had trouble walking on ice yesterday. The thing about “pointed” – I thought you were connecting your words with the picture of the bird’s beak. It’s a bit oblique but I like oblique references. ❤

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