A Letter to the Muslim Women I Saw the Other Day

sorryDear Ladies,

I saw you the other day.

I – stopped in the turn lane.

You – trying to cross the road between the tienda and the fast food place.

One of you pushed a stroller.

There was no crosswalk.

I watched the light cycle.

I watched the drivers pass you.

I watched their expressions.

I watched your frustration.

When the light turned, you’d made your way to the relative safety of the center line.

And I thought about letting you cross.

I could have let you cross.

I should have let you cross.

There was no reason not to let you cross.

Except I didn’t.

Too Busy

Places to Go

People to See

At least, that’s how I justified my actions.


Too busy to stop for fifteen seconds?

Too busy to speed a mother and a child on their way?

Too busy to be a decent human being?

Too busy to live the values I claim to have?

It’s true: you were Muslim and I a Christian.


My Bible tells me to treat others as I would be treated.

As a runner, I know what it’s like to cross a busy road.

My Bible tells me to honor and respect women.

What if the woman had been my mother?

My Bible tells me to love my neighbor.

Stranding my neighbor in the middle of the road isn’t love.

In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of the Good Samaritan.

And so I’d like to say

I’m Sorry

And if I ever get the chance, I’ll do better.

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