Wicked Word Wednesday Week 3 Results

Wicked Word Wednesday Results
This week had a clear winner.

With a win margin of five votes, the victor of Wicked Word Wednesday Week Three is:

Dr Meg Sorick

“You’re too sedentary,” she said.
“I can’t help it. I’m a rock,” he replied.
“That’s sedimentary, you idiot!”

Thanks to all who participated, but given the lack of voting this week – does anyone know what may have happened? – there’d be too many “ties” to award other places.

Meg, go ahead and claim your badge!

Monday Morning Grievance: Fast Food Failures

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1


I have a complicated relationship with fast food places.

I actually enjoy eating some of the food at some fast food restaurants:

Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich & french fries

Burger King’s chicken fries & Big King Burger

McDonald’s Big Mac (sans onion) and “apple pie” desert

Yes, even though I make my own pie from scratch.

Now you know one of my guilty pleasures.

However, taken as a whole, fast food tends to make me feel physically ill.

Given that I’m going to shell out money for food that tastes good now and comes back for revenge later, you’d think they’d at least get my order right. I understand: the American fast food worker is generally looked down on in society. They have a thankless and often disgusting job to do. So I can understand if every once in a while they forget a straw or napkins or fail to ask me if I want ketchup.

But there’s one thing I have a hard time forgiving: missing sauces. If I’ve ordered chicken strips or chicken nuggets or some other dippable chicken product, sauces aren’t just a condiment; most likely, they’re necessary to make the meal remotely palatable. Why do you think the customer gets one free? It’s not because the establishment is run by fine folks (though in many cases they are), it’s because if we have to eat deep fried chicken product, we need something to make it taste halfway decent and make us consider ordering it the next time.

Forgetting sauces ruins not only the meal, but also the entire day/evening, because now I have that disgusting oil-fried chicken product taste in my mouth – and it isn’t honey mustard flavored oil fried chicken product – and I’m reduced to complaining about it on my blog.

And you know what? I saw you making my meal. One person made my drinks, one person got the sides, one person got the chicken, and I distinctly head the woman who passed me my food ask one of you “you put the sauce in, right?” to which one of you little liars answered “yeah”.

The only thing worse than forgetting my sauce is to consistently forget my sauce, napkins, straw, and the side order for which I paid.


Thanks for ruining my Sunday night!

See you again next week?


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Sunday Snapshots

Sometimes I forget what I’ve done over the past week.

Then I look at the photos on my camera and think “Oh yeah! I remember that!”

Such was the case this week.

Mr Toms Birthday CupcakesMr. Tom’s birthday was this week.

He turned 97.

He wanted cupcakes, so he got cupcakes.

I”ll be honest, the “balloons” looked a bit odd.

Blackened WalmartApparently I went to Walmart at some point. I know it was during a storm, and for whatever reason the overhead lights were out. Everything else was working just fine . . . just not the lights. Go figure.

I’m fining I take quite a few pictures of food . . . maybe so I can remember what I ate? For example: I went to Wendy’s when K was craving something salty and we had nothing in the house; I picked up some french fries and a vanilla frosty to go with them. On Monday, a student brought me a bacon and egg croissant from Dunkin’ Donuts. And, for reasons yet unknown, I took a picture of buttered bread.

I think I took this picture of a book and coffee for last week’s photo challenge (today was a good day) but never posted it. In other book news, the last Discworld novel The Shepherd’s Crown was released. The last book is for me to keep track of stuff in. So long as I don’t lose that book, I’m ok.

And finally, this past Friday was National Bow Tie Day (International??)

Red Bow Tie

Statistics Don’t Lie, But People Do

Book GunNew to Uncensored Saturdays? Please read the disclaimer.

Otherwise, feel free to jump right to today’s tirade.


Saturdays here on Running in My Head are what I call “Uncensored Saturdays” in that I write what I really feel about a particular subject with no regard for tact or certain types of political correctness.

You may not like my point of view.

You may find what I have to say offensive.

And that’s fine.

However, I hope they won’t make you feel less of me or cause you to stop reading my blog on the “creative” days.

See something you don’t like, disagree with, or think I’ve got totally wrong?

Great! Leave a comment; let’s start a discussion.

I consider myself both educated and open-minded. I know why I believe what I do, yet I’m not so stuck-in-the-mud to consider other opinions or the fact I might be wrong.

Ten years ago, I was an authoritarian-leaning Republican; now I’m a centrist independent leaning mainly conservative or libertarian depending on the issue.

That change didn’t come about on its own, it came about because I was willing to listen to others with opposing views.

I’d like to think I still have that open mind.

I only ask you keep the conversation civil.

With that in mind, here we go:

Recently, a friend shared this chart and I saw it on my Facebook news feed:

propaganda gun murders chart
Getting shot
– at work
– at school
– at the movies
Isn’t something people in other developed countries worry about.

Based on my own research, the graphic and its caption originated at a page called “Everytown for Gun Safety” and let’s just say they have a knack for avoiding inconvenient truths.

My friend made this statement:

I’m honestly baffled how people who are against reasonable gun restriction laws and tougher background checks can feel the way they do with statistics like this.

While I addressed the issue directly on their feed, I also knew this would make an excellent topic for today’s Uncensored Saturday.

How can I feel the way I do?

Easy: this particular chart and these particular statistics don’t tell the whole story.

First, while it’s obvious that countries with tight gun control have lower gun crime (the countries listed here have largely outlawed gun ownership), the statistic you really want to look at is either total number of murders or overall violent crime. The graphic implies that reducing the number of guns would reduce murder and other violent crime; this reasoning is false. Other countries with tighter gun control than the United States have per-capita rates equal to or higher than the United States – the most notable being Australia, the oft-touted “utopia” of anti-gun advocates.

Second, this chart simply says “gun murders” meaning it also includes murders with guns owned or obtained illegally – guns that shouldn’t be on the street according to gun laws already on the books. Fact: tighter gun control would not have stopped the recent so-called “massacres” in the United States.


I mean no disrespect to any families, but not all killings are massacres. A massacre is the indiscriminate and wanton killing of a large number of people. While what constitutes as “large” is up for debate, I personally would not classify the recent tragedies in America as massacres. The Holocaust was a massacre. The Russian pogroms were massacres. However, I realize that hyperbole is an American tradition; after all, it was Paul Revere (yes, that Paul Revere) who stirred up anti-Crown colonial sentiment over the Boston Massacre in which five colonists were killed. In fact, you might recognize his work:


Back to the Topic at Hand

Many of the guns used in most of the recent killings were purchased at gun stores – not online or at gun shows – while others were stolen from their rightful owners (such as Sandy Hook). As gun stores already run background checks, increased background checks would not have stopped the murders.

Ultimately, criminals will be criminals; deprived of guns, they will carry out their schemes via other methods. See Point One.

Third, I have to balance safety with freedom. TL;DR: I don’t trust government as a whole. I believe the purpose of the second amendment is for the citizens to defend themselves from a tyranny, and a disarmed populace has no final recourse.

Finally, one can make numbers say anything they want. There’s a saying that numbers don’t lie; I counter that the people using numbers do.

I don’t mean to come across as mean, belligerent, or otherwise hostile. I feel the question asked deserves an honest answer – something more than “America!” or “The Constitution!” or other sound bites people like to spout off.

I respect the opinions of others – so long as they’re informed. We can’t make the country work if we’re ignorant of opposing views and treat them with hostility and not the respect and care we expect ourselves.

Thurday Afternoon: A One-Act Play

Thursday Afternoon

A Play in One Act

Recounting an Hour of My Life

Dramatis Personae:

Markus – the weary schoolteacher

Nature – the capricious monarch of weather

Traffic – maker of mischief and creator of consternation


Scene: a school building at the end of day – approximately 3:45 PM – deserted but for one person.

M: Finally! Everyone is gone; now I can go home, too.

Enter: Nature

N: You sound stressed. I shall send a gentle rain to wash it away and soothe your spirit.

M: That sounds great, but can you wait til I get home? I’d enjoy it more then.

N: I think that’s kind rude, but I don’t blame you. You know what you need? A pulsating massage!

M: Really, that’s quite all right. I appreciate your offer, but this isn’t the best place, you know?

N: Man, you are uptight. What you really need is a pulsating deep tissue massage.

M: You know what? I’m just going to wait here until you wear yourself out.

[fifteen minutes later]

M: That took slightly longer than expected.

Enter: Traffic

T: Oh, you’re headed home? You look lonely. Let me send you some company. I’ve got some buses in the area; they’ll be sure to get you up close and personal with your fellow travelers!

M: Why can’t you just leave me alone? I just want to get home!

N: You still look stressed. Pulsating deep tissue massage!

M: You have absolutely no idea, do you?

N: Fine, I’ll take you out you ungrateful wretch!

[Markus falls on the concrete patio of his house.]

[Later, Inside]

N: You look stressed. I shall send you a gentle rain to wash it away and soothe your spirit.

M: Sigh . . .




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Wicked Word Wednesday (3)

Greetings logophiles and other creative types! It’s time for another

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