Wicked Word Wednesday 1.5 Results

Wicked Word Wednesday Results
Wicked Word Wednesday had a slightly better week last week with a total of three participants and a fair number of views. Now, if only those lurking in the shadows would come out and play. Honestly, we don’t bite!

“Enough!” I hear you cry, “We want to know who won!”

Very well; the winner this week is . . . another tie, this time between


She smiled and dreamed of jumping on top of her desk, hoisting the black flag and slitting a few throats.


I’m sorry, Ms. Brodsky, even if it is casual Friday, the parrot stays home.




The Jolly Roger rippled in the wind as the ship came about, her buccaneer captain at the wheel. The pirate crew held fast awaiting orders, ready to board the British supply ship crippled by their cannons’ fire.

With an Honorable Mention to


On the ocean…
No rules,
No justice.

On the ship…
Just freedom,
Just life.

Living life like
Wild winds,
Untamed tides.

Be a buccaneer!

Congratulations to this week’s winners (don’t forget your badges!) and tune in Wednesday for another Wicked Word!

Monday Morning Grievance: Limp Bacon

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1

Limp bacon is disgusting, hardly worthy of even being called bacon. I’d even prefer the pseudo-bacon of “Canadian Bacon” over a piece of flabby, flaccidly limp bacon. Bacon is meant to be fried, along with eggs, chicken, green tomatoes, potatoes, and Twinkies. None of these should be soggy post-fry; indeed, they should be nice and crispy – and bacon is no exception. When bacon is not crisp and crunchy, one has the culinary experience of chewing on a piece of warm fat. Maybe that’s your thing, and that’s OK – but don’t you ever dare call that monstrosity bacon. Such things will never be bacon and I question your sanity if you find eating unadulterated fat appealing. Look, I know fat is a necessary ingredient, but when’s the last time you ate a spoonful of lard just because you wanted to? If you have done that recently – first, don’t answer the question and second, gross. Anyway, bacon makes almost everything taste better, but limp bacon destroys lives. So get out our pan, invest in a bacon press, and fry it good. Remember:

Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Limp Bacon



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